Light Bulb Colour Temperatures

  • All fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent and energy saving lamps are available in different colour renditions, or burning temperatures measured in Kelvin.
  • Colour temperature is a standard method of describing colours for use in a range of situations and with different equipment. Colour temperatures are normally expressed in units called kelvins (K). Note that the term degrees kelvin is often used but is not technically correct.
  • For example an energy saving lamp with a colour temperature of 3500K burns at 3500 Kelvin this colour is known as white. There is a high demand nowadays for daylight lamps which burn at a temperature of 6500K, these lamps are often used to combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
  • View the chart of colour temperatures below, and if you are unsure of the lamp you require please email us on or speak to one of our friendly experts on 01473 716 418.
Colour Temperatures in the Kelvin Scale
Colour Reference Colour Colour Temperature CR1 Ra
Actinic 05 Blacklight    
Colour 25 Natural   73 
Activa 172 Northlight   98 
Actinic 03 Special    
Colour 10 Blue    
Actinic 09 Blue    
Colour 55 Northlight   93 
Colour 08 Blacklight Blue    
Colour 12 Daylight    
Colour 827 Very Warm Triphosphor 2700  85 
Colour 29 Warm White 2700  51 
Colour 83 Warm White 3000  85 
Colour 830 Warm White Triphosphor 3000  85 
Colour 930 Very Warm Triphosphor 3000  95 
Colour 30 Warm White 3000  54 
Colour 129 Warm White 3000  53 
Colour 35 White 3500  58 
Colour 835 White Triphosphor 3500  85 
Colour 23 White 3500  56 
Colour 135 White 3500  57 
Gourmet 175 Special 3700  88 
Colour 84 Cool White 4000  85 
Colour 940 Cool White Triphosphor 4000  95 
Colour 33 Cool White 4000  62 
Colour 20 Cool White 4000  67 
Colour 133 Cool White 4000  64 
Colour 840 Cool White Triphosphor 4000  85 
Colour 950 Daylight Triphosphor 6500  95 
Colour 11 Daylight 6500   
Colour 54 Daylight 6500  76 

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The blinds are good quality and look great. Unfortunately they were delayed in shipping (probably couriers fault, but I had to call to find out...). I bought 4 blinds, one of the pelmets was 4 mm bigger than requested, but easy to trim it with a saw. The brackets are tricky to work with for the first one, particularly as the depth of the end and centre brackets are different! Measure and measure again before drilling! Would have also been useful to be advised that there's often metal lintels above plasterboard and that you can't drill through it. Once you have the knack they take 10 min per blind to put up. BLT include screws but not enough and no plastic rawl inserts. I'd have happily paid an extra £2 for a full set of fixings ..Would have saved me a rushed trip to B&Q.
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