LED Candle Light Bulbs

LED Candle Light Bulbs are a great decorative light source designed to save consumer’s money. The shape of the bulb imitates the shape of a real candle, for a very attractive look that is often chosen by hotels, restaurants and other businesses where image is everything.

LED Candle Light Bulbs Continued

The fact that these bulbs are LEDs means they’re highly efficient. Most LEDs offer energy savings of up to 90% when compared to halogen models, which can significantly cut energy bills for both homes and businesses. The bulbs also have a very long life span, with some lasting up to 50,000 hours. Naturally, this means the bulbs will be replaced less, saving even more money for the consumer.

Our vast range of LED candle light bulbs includes dimmable options, imitation filament bulbs and flame-tipped bulbs that look very realistic. Brands available include Crompton, Prolite and Megaman – some of the biggest names in the business, so you’re guaranteed excellent quality and high performance. Browse the full collection from BLT Direct today.

Could Light Bulbs Soon Fight Jet Lag?

Did you know that most white LEDs are not actually white? It’s actually an optical illusion created by using a blue diode with a small amount of yellow light on the tip. These colours complement one another within the light spectrum and seeing them together tricks your brain into believing that it is white light.

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BLT Direct Calls on Brits to Make Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

Britain’s number one lighting solutions retailer is calling on the UK to ring in the New Year with an eco-friendly conscience and make the switch to LED bulbs...

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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to LED - As Revealed by BLT Direct

Leading UK lighting retailer BLT Direct is urging the UK to make the switch to LED bulbs as part of this push, and has set out a list of 10 reasons why every Brit should get on-board the LED lighting bandwagon...

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Save Money on Energy Bills By Switching To LED Candle Lamps in Chandeliers

Boost your savings and protect the environment with BLT's LED candle lamps, perfect for reducing energy consumed in chandeliers.

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BLT Expand Girard Sudron Candle Lamp Range to Include Low-Energy LED Alternatives

We welcome the addition of Girard Sudron LED Candle Lamps, for a low-energy decorative lighting solution.

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Add Value To A Property With Environmentally-Friendly LEDs

Interior designer Danielle Proud has affirmed her opinion that making a home more environmentally friendly through the use of low-energy LED lights can add value to a property. "To make your home m...

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