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Immediately reduce energy consumption and costs by replacing conventional incandescent and halogen Candle Lamps with an LED Candle Lamp. Candle lamps are by their very nature a decorative light source designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a light fitting, not only when lit but unlit too. With this in mind LED Candle bulbs are attractively shaped to resemble and retain the innate style of the traditional bulb, whilst offering all that LED technology has to offer.

LED Candle Light Bulbs Continued

Each LED candle is a direct retrofit for an existing halogen or incandescent bulb. We offer a choice of styles, finishes and colour temperatures, that includes Daylight and Warm White, as well as fully dimmable and half-life Candle Lamps.

The LED Candle Light Bulb uses between 1w and 7 watts of electricity, the equivalent of 10w to 60 watt halogen output, cutting energy usage by up to 90% straight away, and lasting up to 50,000 hours thereby minimising lamp replacement costs. These lamps are perfectly suited to chandelier, wall sconce, table lamp and pendant applications in the home and retail and hospitality industries.

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