Buy LED G4 and G9 Light Bulbs - Part of Our LED Light Bulbs with 2.5 W Wattage

Energy-saving, eco-friendly, cost-effective; get all this and more by replacing existing Halogen G9 & G4 lamps with an LED Capsule light bulb. The LED capsule lamp with a G4 or G9 base is a direct replacement for the conventional halogen bulb that instantly cuts energy usage by up to 90% and features a 50,000 hour lamp life compared to the 2000 hour halogen alternative. In addition the LED is far more robust, can be completely recycled and contains no mercury.

The LED capsule comes in wattages ranging from 1W to 4 Watts, the equivalent of 10-40W halogen output, a choice of Cool White, Warm White or Daylight colour temperatures and as a dimmable or non-dimmable lamp. These lamps are a high intensity light source, producing an exceptionally bright sparkling light. The dimmable LED capsule offers smooth linear dimming from 10-100%. This is a highly versatile lighting solution used in downlights, for mood lighting, pelmet, cabinet and desk lighting, in cars, boats and caravans and general task and decorative lighting in domestic, hospitality and retail applications.

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