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The future is illuminated with our excellent and comprehensive range of extremely low energy consumption, durable, cost effective LED Light Fittings. Due to the amazing efficiency of high powered LED lights, and the fact that they can act as direct replacements for standard incandescent and halogen bulbs the solution is clear; make the switch to LED and find the perfect light fitting for any application or project, indoors or out, here at BLT Direct.

Why switch to LED Light Fittings

With our amazing array of styles, lamp types, wattages, colours and brands you are spoilt for choice.

Wattages; 0.5w, 1w, 1.2w, 2w, 3w, 4w, 5w, 6.7w, 8.5w, 9w, 10w, 12w, 15w, 18w, 20w, 21w, 24w, 30w, 35w, 40w and 50 watt
Voltages; 10-28v, 12-24v, 12v, 24v, 48v, 110-240v, 190-265v, 220-240v and 250 volts
Colours; Cool White, White, Warm White, Daylight, RGB (Colour Changing), Amber, Black, Black/Silver, Black/Yellow, Blue, Blue/Yellow, Clear, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Yellow/Purple and White/Blue

Why use LED lighting?

  1. Energy savings and money savings! LEDs use as much as 90% less energy compared to an incandescent lamps; so less energy consumption the lower the costs.
  2. Extremely long lamp life; these fabulous little bulbs have an operational life of up to 50,000 hours (that’s 25 years based on 4 hours usage per day). For lights in inaccessible places the need for awkward bulb replacement will be a thing of the past. Simply fit and forget!
  3. Practicality; robust, durable, extremely cool running, contain no mercury or hazardous substances, tolerate low temperatures, no flickering and no UV radiation! All round the safest lighting option you could find.
  4. Environmentally friendly; LEDs do not emit harmful UV radiation or contain mercury making them easy to recycle without damaging the environment. While other bulbs burn and emit carbon and other components into the air, LEDs do not release any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere making them the best of choice for a greener environment. LED lights use up to 90% less electricity than standard halogen bulbs and have an extremely long lifespan which equates to considerably reduced carbon emissions and less waste because fewer lamps need to be disposed of.

Although the initial outlay for LED Light Fittings may seem quite costly you will soon see the benefit on your electricity bills.
A conventional 50 Watt downlightis on for an average 5 hours a day, over a 10 year period it, (and its numerous likely replacements) will consume almost 1,000,000 watts of energy (50 x 5 x 365 x 10). At current electricity rates (12p/kw), that costs around £110 per bulb plus its regular replacement costs.
An equivalent LED downlight will output the same light level for only 6 Watts of power. The equivalent LED light will therefore only cost £13 per bulb! Therefore energy saving using LED lights = 88%. Saving £97 per bulb.
This calculation is just for using one LED light bulb. Most installations for bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, shop lighting, restaurant lighting etc. have multiples of down lights or spotlights, so replacing all these ceiling lights with LED down lights or spotlights will save literally thousands of pounds.


Applications for our LED Light Fittings are many and varied, dependent on the product; theatres, auditorium walkways, cornices, paths, lobbies, decking, ground lights, landscapes, flower beds, swimming pools, architectural, ponds, uplighters, displays, track lights, exhibition stands, illumination of buildings, statues and trees, car parks, stair edging, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, clubs, signage and modern interiors to give you but a taste of the choices available.

Types of LED Light Fittings:

Under Shelf Striplights
The ideal replacement for old style fluorescent fittings; stylish and superbly energy efficient giving off a crisp white light these fittings are linkable for continuous light displays, kitchens and cabinets.

Strip Lighting
An innovativeLED light fitting that makes a statement, is incredibly versatile as a lighting solution and can transform a multitude of settings; stairs, ceiling cornices, auditorium walkways, signs, displays, bar edging to name a few. Self-adhesive, flexible LED striplights are a unique fitting that is great for fast installations into signs, displays and pelmets creating a professional look. Flexible waterproof strips on the other hand are IP66 Rated and can be used on decking, yachts etc. as well as indoor applications. This product is also available in a choice of colours for more flexibility in lighting solutions.

LED floodlights are suitable for all your floodlighting applications yet use a fraction of the energy of their traditional counterparts, last up to 50,000 hours and come in a choice of finishes, wattages and colours. They are individually IP Rated, so it is important to check this when purchasing your floodlight. From slim line LED floodlights to solar powered floodlights and movement sensor (PIR) to coloured and low voltage fittings the choice is very wide.

Wall Lights
Wall lights make a statement and now they are available in high powered LED versions. Suitable for internal and external applications in a choice of finishes, styles, shapes and IP ratings that includes octagonal, mini-cube and pillar shapes! Applications for LED wall lights are wide and varied; theatres, auditorium walkways, cornices, lobbies, paths, landscapes, swimming pools, architectural, displays, modern and contemporary interiors to name but a few, the choice is endless. These light fittings are even more versatile due to the availability of coloured LEDs; now wall lights take on a new dimension to add to their already superb benefits and advantages.

Ground Lights
LED ground lights are extremely robust and available in a diverse range of shapes, styles, IP ratings, colours, finishes and wattages. Superbly energy efficient and long lasting (up to 100,000 hours) they really are the product of choice when it comes to illuminating trees, plants, statues pathways, markers, decking, water features, ponds, swimming pools, spa baths, dance floors, stage lighting, driveways, the list is endless.

Down Lights
Downlighting takes on a new dimension with LED fittings;stylish, functional, elegant in a choice of colours and finishes they are a must have for stylish lighting themes as well as standard spotlight applications. As with all LEDs these fittings are maintenance free and long lasting.

Spike Lights/Bollard Lights
With developments in lighting technology comesthe highest quality light fittings. Our Collingwood spike light range is manufactured to the highest possible standards using marine grade stainless steel. Individually IP Rated they will illuminate gardens, pathways, flower beds, decking, driveways, illuminations of buildings, statues and trees for years, in a timeless stylish fashion. Bollard lights are ideal for boundary/car park lighting or even stand-alone garden features.

IP68 Rated Fittings
This type of LED light fittings demands its own description! Fully submersible, with a 360 degree adjustable head these units are great for highlighting features or lighting water features with style. Light fittings have certainly come along way!

Quite simply LED Light Fittings are the best option! With up to 90% savings in power consumption and costs, super long lifespans, choice of colours, and environmentally friendly, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions or cannot find a product please call our sales team on 01473 716418.

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