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Light Fittings

Here at BLT Direct, we are committed to not only selling high specification light fittings but we offer designs for domestic and commercial purposes. Whether you are looking for flood lighting, bathroom lighting, factory lighting, office lighting or decorative lighting, our highly experienced team will be able to advise you on the most suitable light fittings for your application.

Light Fittings Continued

Fluorescent light fittings are growing in popularity partly down to their versatility, their energy saving properties and down to their ability to reduce atmospheric pollution, which is why we expanded our online selection to include the very latest fluorescent models at extremely competitive prices.

As part of our extensive range of light fittings, we now stock a wide range of emergency light fittings aimed at the commercial market. Available in variety of arrow placements, these
emergency light fittings are a must for any business looking to abide by the latest fire safety standards.

Firms who already have their emergency lighting may also be interested in our online range of indoor commercial fittings which include everything from metal halide light fittings, amenity fittings, low bay light fittings,sodium floodlights and Archimedes light fittings.

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