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Metal Halide Light Bulbs

A full range of Metal Halide Light Bulbs that offer excellent efficiency and economy alongside high luminous efficiency, long service life and good to excellent colour rendering. Metal Halide lamps emit an exceptional quality of light that is a prerequisite in many industrial, retail, exhibition and public building applications. From stadium floodlighting to museum displays, airport lighting to factory lighting, street lighting to monument illumination, horticultural to petrol station applications and so much more, the metal halide is a great solution.

Metal Halide Light Bulbs Continued

We have categorised these high efficiency lamps into lamp type; within each section is a comprehensive list of products with detailed specifications and applications to aid you in your choice of lamp. The range of Metal Halides includes capsule, double ended and reflector, elliptical and tubular lamp shapes in a host of wattages, cap/base fittings and colours from Warm White to American Daylight as well as Red, Aqua, Magenta and other fantastic colours. Common to each lamp is high output for their size, making them a compact and powerful lighting solution lasting between 6,000 and 32,000 hours, depending on the lamp.

Metal Halide Information

High pressure discharge lamps or to be precise metal halide lamps combine an enormous amount of light with excellent colour rendering and use an arc instead of a filament. If you compare this type ...

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