430-439 mm Long Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Philips HPI-T 2000 watt Tubular E40
QuickFind #: 8371
Part Number: HPI-T/2000
£164.93 inc. VAT
Philips HPI-T 2000 watt 380-415 volt Tubular E40
QuickFind #: 8372
Part Number: HPI-T/200/3...
£169.40 inc. VAT
Metal Halide Tubular 2000 watt E40 6000K/D/I
QuickFind #: 9499
Part Number: HQIT2000W/D...
£160.58 inc. VAT

Metal Halide Information

High pressure discharge lamps or to be precise metal halide lamps combine an enormous amount of light with excellent colour rendering and use an arc instead of a filament. If you compare this type ...

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