Osram Nightlux

A range of Osram Nightlux Lamps. This fabulous LED nightlight with its' three LEDs light up everyday obstacles and thus minimises the risk of accidents. Applications for this LED light fitting include dark corridors, steps, closets, basements and garages. Osram Nightlux Lamps are also water and weather resistant, making them perfect for both inside and outside use. The Nightlux is easy to fit with the aid of a magnetic fitting or glue and is designed to focus its light on the lower third of a room.

Colour temperature; White.
Diameter; 65mm.

Osram Nightlux LED Nightlight Osram
Osram Nightlux LED Nightlight
QuickFind #: 20890, Part Number: NIGHTLUX Alternative Codes: NIGHTLUX NIGHTLUX D027
White (835) Colour, 65 mm Diameter, 85 mm Length, Osram Manufacturer, LED Type
£16.75 inc. VAT