Sodium Lamps

The qualities of Sodium Lamps are Reliabilty, Long Life (up to 28000 Hours, depending on the lamp) and Low Energy Consumption. They operate on either an Internal Ignitor or External Ignitor. It is important to use the correct lamp or you may damage your control gear and/or kill the lamp if you get it wrong.

Applications for these lamps are Street and Floodlighting, Tunnel Illumination, Industrial Buildings, Warehousing, in Aisles (ie areas which need to be lit other than from overhead), Cafes, Restaurants, for Decorative Lighting, Hydroponic Systems and in Horticulture to Enhance Plant Growth.

Sodium Lamps Continued

A Triangle with an I inside indicates Internal Ignitor, and with an E indicates External Ignitor (on the side of the lamp)./I & /E.

a+ on the side of the lamp indicates a Plus version , producing up to 20% more light output.

Click on your required product below to see the full range within each category.

Colour temperatures; Golden White and Sodium Orange.
Wattages; 18w, 26w, 35w, 36w, 50w, 55w, 70w, 90w, 91w, 100w, 110w, 135w, 210w, 250w, 350w, 400w, 600w and 1000 watt.
Caps; BC (Bayonet Cap), ES (Edison Screw), GES (Giant Edison Screw), PG12-2 and R7s/RX7s.
Styles; Double Ended, Eliptical and Tubular.

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