Sylvania Metal Halide Light Bulbs

A range of Sylvania Compact Metalarc Metal Halide Light Bulbs. These Sylvania metal halide light bulbs are also known as Metalarc Reduced Outer Jacket lamps, are eliptical in shape and are one of the most energy efficient sources of white light available on the market. Due to their compact size these Sylvania light bulbs are suitable not only for industrial and commercial applications, but also retail and display applications.

Sylvania Metal Halide Light Bulbs Continued

These metal halide light bulbs  produce light in most regions of the light spectrum and have excellent colour rendering making them ideal for supermarkets, exhibition centres, rail and bus stations, stadiums, building sites and airports, general industrial purposes, sports facilities, shop windows, monuments and public buildings, interior lighting displays, floodlights and special effects. Sylvania Compact Metalarc Metal Halide Light Bulbs have a life span of 7500 hours to 20000 hours, depending on the product.

Colour temperatures; 3600k, 3800k, 4000k and 4200 kelvin.
Caps; ES (Edison Screw/E27) and GES (Giant Edison Screw/E39/E40).
Wattages; 175w, 250w, 400w and 1000 watt.
Dimensions; 53mm (dia) x 138mm (length), 58mm x 248mm, 89mm x 211mm and 117mm x 292mm.

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