Sylvania Metal Halide Light Bulbs

A comprehensive range of Metal Halide Light Bulbs from the renowned Sylvania Lighting Company that offer excellent colour rendering, high luminosity and super- efficient illumination that lasts up to 30,000 hours. This range comes in a choice of shapes, types, wattages and cap fittings, each detailed below in specific categories.

Sylvania Metal Halide Light Bulbs Continued

The metal halide is a very versatile, functional and high performance lighting solution found in a diverse range of applications; street lighting, industrial warehousing, petrol stations, car parks, monument illuminations, museums and exhibitions, stadium and sports halls, horticulture and aquariums, the list goes on.

Furthermore we also stock the Sylvania Metal Arc range that is amongst the most energy-efficient sources of white light available on the market and a great replacement for standard MH lamps and perfect for critical colour applications.

Metal Halide Information

High pressure discharge lamps or to be precise metal halide lamps combine an enormous amount of light with excellent colour rendering and use an arc instead of a filament. If you compare this type ...

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Lamp Disposal

Do You Comply With New Lamp Disposal Legislation? The Environment Agency has determined that fluorescent tubes, sodium and metal halide lamps are now classified as hazardous waste and should only b...

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