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BLT Direct Highlights The Lighting Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Like fashion, the world of interiors is part of a trend-led wheel that is constantly turning, with each New Year bringing subtle changes to the aesthetic preferences and behaviour of the market. Lighting is a large and integral part of the interior design industry, adding the finishing touch to any room and responsible for instantly creating an atmosphere. Leading lighting retailer BLT Direct explains some of the key lighting trends that are set to emerge in 2017, and how they can be re-created.

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Where Can I Use A GU10 Lightbulb?

The GU10 light bulb has become a phenomenon in the lighting industry. Extremely energy efficient and inherently useful, these little beams of light adorn houses, businesses and public spaces in equal measure. But if you’re a novice in the lighting world, new to GU10s or simply confused about what a GU10 light bulb actually is, we are here to help! So let’s start with the basics.

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Halogen Spotlights Soon To Be Phased Out – GU10 LED Bulbs Provide The Alternative

Last September it was announced that halogen light bulbs were to follow on from incandescent lightbulb styles as it was revealed that they are soon to become phased out across Europe. While the wider ban does not come into effect until 2018, it is already not possible for retailers to place new orders for high voltage halogen models such as GU10 and PAR 30 halogen spotlight light bulbs...

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4 Lighting Fixtures You Didn’t Know Needed G9 LED Bulbs

Knowing which light bulb to use around the home can be confusing at the best of times, and although we may have an idea of the shape or size that a light bulb must be to replace those that have burnt out, knowing the name or style of them is another matter altogether. Here, we focus on the G9 and G9 LED bulbs and the many fixtures that use them around the home!

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Light Bulbs, Lamps and Tubes from BLT Direct

BLT Direct has been a leading online supplier of light bulbs, light fittings and specialist lamps in the UK and around the world since the early days of the Internet. Our website provides instant access to almost 10,000 light bulb products including Energy Saving Light Bulbs, Halogen Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes, Incandescent Light Bulbs, Metal Halide Lamps, LED Light Bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Sodium Lamps, Mercury Lamps, Sunbed Tubes, Specialist Lamps and Ballasts.

We also have the latest deals on light bulbs, lamps and other electrical accessories for all your lighting needs on our Special Offers page. Whatever you're looking for, we're sure we'll have it! Our low energy bulbs are designed to save you electricity costs as well saving the environment so you can do your bit to help protect an already overburdened eco system.

BLT Direct has the lighting solutions to fulfil all your needs whether you require standard incandescent light bulbs, tubes or other more specialist products. Because we do exclusive online business only, we are able to provide our huge range of lighting products to our customers at exceptional prices from high quality manufacturers delivered right to your doorstep quickly and efficiently.

BLT Direct is an established company with a good reputation within the UK lighting industry. If you have difficulty finding the light bulbs, lamps or tubes you are looking for, contact our friendly and experienced sales team who will be pleased to deal with your lighting enquiries. Our expertise means we will be able to advise you of the best products, whether you want LED lights or regular light bulbs. Call us today or shop securely online for a wealth of lighting products.