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10 benefits of LED lighting


LED lighting has been around for several years, but if you haven’t already tapped into the plethora of benefits on offer from this type of technology, here are ten reasons that you most definitely should!

Impressive lifespans
LED lighting products have impressive life spans, often lasting in excess of 20,000 hours.

A variety of types to choose from
LED technology can be found in a wide range of lighting products, including standard LED bulbs, light panels, outdoor lighting and emergency lighting, so there is an LED model for any lighting need.

The most energy-efficient lighting solution
LED lighting converts between 80-90% of all energy used into light. Compare this to more traditional types of lighting that fail to offer anywhere near this level of energy efficiency.

Kinder to the natural environment
LED lighting is free from the toxic chemicals often found in traditional lightbulbs. Substances such as mercury are used in the production of non-LED bulbs, making them impossible to recycle, unlike their LED counterparts.

Low levels of infrared light
LED lighting produces very low levels of infrared light and little heat, meaning that they create close to zero UV emissions.

Operational whatever the weather
LED lighting is also incredibly robust, with no detrimental impact on performance in hot or cold weather. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Deliver light more efficiently
Designed to focus illumination in a specific location, LED light achieves higher efficiency than conventional lighting by delivering more light where needed.

Low Voltage
LED lighting can also be run on a low voltage power supply without any dimming or dips in illumination levels.

Perfect brightness
Unlike traditional lightbulbs which take a few seconds to warm up, LED lighting reaches full brightness as soon as the power source is turned on. The bulb's lifespan is not affected by the number of times you flick the switch.

Durable in the harshest conditions
LED lighting is able to withstand the toughest conditions, with many types of LED lighting being used in cold, hot or areas that are subjected to high levels of pollution.

Created by Daniel Shakles on 2nd January, 2020


Daniel Shakles

Daniel Shakles