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10 Creative Lighting Ideas to Try in 2016

With the development of LED technology lighting choice is now almost limitless. You can be super creative, mixing different styles of lighting and creating complex arrangements to light a whole room or bring interest to a particular feature such as a table or a picture. The size of LED lighting means they can be placed anywhere, opening up yet more design possibilities and giving endless potential to create amazing backlit features. Their low-energy credentials mean that you can use a lot of LEDs in innumerable configurations and colours before you even come close to using as much energy as a traditional incandescent bulb.

These 10 creative lighting ideas from around the web perfectly demonstrate the versatility of LEDs in designs large and small…

This fantastic kitchen uses LED Strip Lights to make the cabinets really stand out and to illuminate the breakfast bar. The strategic placement cleverly creates a lot of extra light which is ideal when preparing food, without it being overwhelming or direct. The overall effect is one of a contemporary yet welcoming space.

This loft like sitting room uses a strip of LEDs to illuminate the built in bookcase and shelving unit at the far end of the room. The designer has also put LED lighting to use to create a feature of the room’s artwork, making it really stand out and act as a focal point in the big, cavernous space. The use of different colours also helps to break up the room and makes the space seem more intimate than its size might suggest.

A floating staircase is illuminated here, creating a stunning feature out of a design basic, to draw the eye upwards. The addition of lighting atop the hand rail ties the whole project together and creates a celestial feeling.

The rings of LEDs in this bar creates a planetary effect sure to wow customers when darkness falls. The subtle nature of these LEDs adds to the overall laid back ambience and atmosphere of the bar, creating a space where guests can truly unwind.

These ceiling LEDs create a well-lit pool environment that can be used day or night. The placement in the conservatory beams makes for a very subtle, fresh look which makes a feature from what would be otherwise run of the mill ceiling beams.

This futuristic sitting room features a traditional central light but adds ceiling and shelve based LEDs to create a much more cinema inspired atmosphere.


Using blue LEDs around the mirror in this bathroom produces an outstanding effect that is cool and calming and the perfect environment for a relaxing soak.

This once plain wall becomes a quirky, modern and eye-catching feature with the addition of LED bulbs. It provides an ambient backdrop that would be perfect for reading in front of or simply relaxing.


A purpose built cinema room like this one can use low level LEDs to create enough light to see snacks while also recreating an authentic cinematic experience.

This bed is customised with LED lighting underneath – it provides enough light to easily move around the room at night but can also be used to create a romantic bedroom experience.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 17th March, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct