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10 DIY Light Fixture Ideas to Brighten Up Any Space

Whether you want to spruce up your home or add a unique touch to your businesses, DIY décor never fails to turn heads. For quick fix solutions that are cheap, easy and virtually instant, bespoke light fixtures are a great option. To get you inspired we’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite designs from across the web.
**Plastic Spoon Shade **
Part utensil, part chandelier, this plastic spoon lampshade creates a stunning scalloped effect. All you’ll need is an energy efficient bulbs placed inside a plastic water bottle. Snap off the ends of plastic spoons, then use a glue gun to arrange them in a layered pattern.
Coat Hanger Lamp
Forget the wardrobe. The new place for wooden coat hangers to be is suspended from your ceiling! Saw them in half, remove the metal hook and arrange around an oversized bulb for a seriously on-trend, Scandi chic look.
**Metal Parts Sphere **
Sleek, stylish and modern, this metal parts sphere is a unique way to recycle old bits and pieces.
Top Hat Lampshade
Get quirky by creating a unique top hat lampshade that’s as simple as securing a headpiece to the end of a pendant fixture. We suggest top hats, but you can use bowlers, fedoras and even sombreros!

**Ring Pull Desk Lamp **
Are you a soft drink addict? Or perhaps you have a weakness for canned beer? If so, this DIY lamp is for you! Save all the ring pulls you can, then use a glue gun to arrange on a run of the mill fabric lamp shade.
Forest Globe
Get ethereal with this stunning shadow effect globe that casts forest patterns all over a room.

**Bird’s Nest Newspaper Globe **
Go green in 2016 with these pretty bird’s nest style globe lamp made from rolled up newspapers. It’s eco-friendly, and is a great way to recycle all your old papers. This one shows the rolls covered in a white overlay, however you can keep the newspaper effect for a colour pop!

Tetra Box Shade
Another eco-friendly creation, this DIY lamp is great for anyone who loves to gulp down UHT milk, boxed juices, coconut water and any other beverage that comes in a tetra pack! The geometric look is bang on trend this year, and this is the perfect way to rock it.
Gummy Bear Chandelier
Got a sweet tooth? You won’t be able to resist this colourful gummy bear chandelier. Obviously, don’t use real ones. Instead opt for their plastic counterparts.
**Hanging Drum Pendent **
Love music? This hanging drum pendent is the perfect way to jazz up any room.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 9th February, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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