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10w LED Flood Lights

BLT Direct is a market-leading source for 10w led flood lights. The 10 watt flood lights that we supply can give you the brightness that you need whilst helping you cut the cost of lighting. More and more people are heading straight to BLT Direct when they require first-class LED lighting that will stand the test of time. Our advisors are always on hand to help you if you do need assistance with selecting the right lighting for your needs. We can offer some of the most competitive prices for LED flood lights around without ever forcing you to compromise on quality.

How Bright Are 10W LED Flood Lights?

If you’re wondering how bright 10w flood lights are, read on. A 10 watt light will be bright enough to light an entrance, small garage or patio area. However, it will cost much less to run than a halogen light offering the same amount of brightness. Energy efficiency is a big reason why so many people are replacing their old halogen lights with LEDs.

What Are 10W LED Flood Lights Equivalent To?

You can expect a 10w led security light to deliver around the same amount of brightness as a traditional 60 watt incandescent light, which is around 900 lumens. Your 10w security light will be great for brightening up smaller indoor environments. Many people install this kind of light when they need directional or display lighting. 10W LED flood lights are comparable to a 42W halogen light and a 12W CFL light.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need to find out more about 10 watt LED flood LED lights before you proceed with a purchase. We can also help you if you need a 10 watt LED flood light with PIR. Contact us today by completing the form on the site or by calling us on 01473 716418.