111mm Diameter GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs

The highly energy efficient AR111 Halogen GU10 Reflector Lamp is direct replacement for the standard halogen GU10 111mm lamp that features an impressive 18,000 hour lamp life (6 times that of a standard bulb). This is a mains operated floodlight bulb available in a choice of wattages and beam angles. This halogen lamp offers an excellent colour rendering of CRI100 and high lumen maintenance throughout the life of the lamp. Installing this lamp is simple with the twist and lock 2 pin cap.

111mm Diameter GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

This aluminium reflector lamp features an integrated anti-glare shield which together with its crisp bright light output lends itself perfectly to decorative and display lighting in retail, commercial and domestic applications. The reflector lamp is a very popular light source commonly used for continuous lighting in stores, offices and reception areas, as well as for floodlighting, architectural lighting and mood lighting applications. Overall a reliable, high quality light source that delivers on many levels.