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12 Volt LED Strip Lights

We have a huge selection of 12 Volt LED Strip Lights for you to choose from, with high quality products from many respected and reliable manufacturers including V-Tac and Deltech. We stock both indoor and outdoor LED light strips, with outdoor options that are fully weatherproofed and water resistant. Make your choice from warm white, daylight, cool white or add a flash of colour to your home or business with RGB+ alternatives. We have a large collection of 12v LED strip lights in various lengths and with both dimmable and non-dimmable choices available, its no wonder BLT Direct are one of the UK's leading suppliers of 12v LED strip.

Are all LED Strip Lights 12V?

Not all LED strip lighting is 12 volt, with many strip lights being 24v. 12v and 24v are the most popular choices when picking LED strip lights as they are the most common voltages of LED drivers. While not all LED strip is not 12v we have a huge range that are, and with a number of lengths, colours and light outputs available it's no wonder that more and more people are turning to BLT Direct to supply their 12 volt LED strip. 

What is the brightest 12V LED strip?

The expansiveness of our collection doesn't just extend to lengths and brands, as we have a huge number of 12v LED strip with varying light outputs. We have both low and high lumen output LED strip, with products ranging from just 66 lumens per metre to 1000 lumens per metre, giving you a wide choice of application for both domestic and commercial settings. 

How do you cut a 12V LED strip light?

All of our 12v LED strip can be cut to length, for any of your bespoke lighting requirements. Most strip has cutting increments every 5cm so you can easily cut and install the length that you require without needing to compromise on quality or design. If you have any questions regarding cutting 12v LED strip then please get in contact with our experienced team on 01473 716418 or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.