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1200x600mm LED Panels

BLT Direct is a leading source for 1200 x 600 LED panels. Our 1200 x 600 LED panels are manufactured using the latest LED technology and components of the highest quality. They offer substantially lower running costs than traditional fluorescent lights and are ideal for commercial environments in particular. The panels are designed to last for many years before they need to be replaced, resulting in substantial long-term savings.

What colour temperatures do 1200 x 600 LED panels come in?

LED panels come in various colour temperatures, with the most common options including 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Cool White), and 6500K, which is often described as ‘Daylight’. This means you shouldn’t struggle to get the colour temperature and visibility that you require when purchasing 1200 x 600 LED panels.

Can 1200 x 600 panels be suspended?

If you do want to suspend your 1200 x 600 panels, this is perfectly possible. This is often achieved via the use of a suspension kit. A suspension kit will let you hang your panel light from a flat or recessed ceiling. Mounting kits are also available, and these enable you to mount your panels directly to a surface.

Talk to us today if you are thinking of making the switch to 1200 x 600 panel lights. Our LED lights can last up to ten times longer than conventional lights. Another great reason for investing in LED panel lights is that they are much better for the environment as they don’t contain harmful elements such as mercury. They only require around a third of the power of fluorescents, which means they won’t consume as much energy and can therefore help you cut your fuel bills.

We have been a leading supplier of innovative lighting solutions for decades. There are thousands of lighting products on our site, and we can cater to you whether you require standard light bulbs, lamps, tubes, or LED light panels. We are able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market without ever compromising on quality. You can count on us to deliver your unique lighting products right to your door, quickly and efficiently.

For more information on our 1200x6000 LED panels, 6000k lighting solutions, and more, contact us today. You can reach us by filling in the form on our site or by giving us a call on 01473 716418.