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2 Pin Halogen Light Bulbs

A range of 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulbs. These have an average life of approximately 1000 Hours and 2000 Hours depending on the lamp.

Wattages; 5w, 8w, 10w, 12w, 14w, 15w, 18w, 20w, 25w, 28w, 30w, 33w, 35w, 38w, 40w, 45w, 50w, 60w, 65w, 75w, 100w, 150w and 250 Watts
Caps; G4, G53, G6.35, GY6.35, G9, GU10, GU4, GZ4, GX5.3, GU5.3 and GZ10 
Shapes; Capsule, Reflector and Spotlight.