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Aurora Energy Saving 63mm Dia 11 Watt Cool White (50 Watt Alternative)

4 stars, 4 customer reviews
Lumens 500
Aurora Energy Saving 63mm Dia 11 Watt Cool White (50 Watt Alternative)
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Part No: AU-GUF4011/40

4 stars, 4 customer reviews

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Quick Find: 32940
Part No: AU-GUF4011/40

Beam Angle
36 Degrees


Cap/Base Type
2 Pin

Colour Temp
4000 K

CRI Rating
< 80

64 mm


Equivalent Wattage
50 W

Fitting Rating

88 mm

Light Bulb Type

Light Colour
Cool White (840/845)

500 lm


Reflector/Spotlight Type

Energy Saving

Light Bulb

220-240 Volt

11 W

Aurora Energy Saving 63mm Dia 11 Watt Cool White (50 Watt Alternative) from Aurora

Model: AU-GUF4011/40

Introducing the Aurora Energy Saving GU10 Spotlight that gives 60 Watts of light from just 11 Watts. This bulb is a retrofit replacement for a standard halogen GU10 lasting 5 times longer at 10,000 hours, and reducing energy usage by 80%. This Cool White lamp is an excellent choice for spotlighting applications.

Technical Specifications

Light Bulb Type Reflectors/Spotlights
Technology Energy Saving
Wattage 11 W
Manufacturer Aurora
Light Colour Cool White (840/845)
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Equivalent Wattage 50 W
Beam Angle 36 Degrees
Lumens 500 lm
Colour Temp 4000 K
Diameter 64 mm
Length 88 mm
Cap/Base Type 2 Pin
Type Light Bulb
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 10000 hrs
Voltage 220-240 Volt
Warranty 1 year
CRI Rating < 80
Energy Efficiency Rating B
Reflector/Spotlight Type GU10
Fitting Rating Enclosed
Cap/Base GU10

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for Aurora Energy Saving 63mm Dia 11 Watt Cool White (50 Watt Alternative)

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5 / stars

Long lasting &well worth the money.

5 / stars

Well packaged items quick to deliver and large selection. Pricing very competitive will use again.

4 / stars

This lamp appears to be exclusive to Aurora, which may account for the relatively high price for what is essentially just a variant of a standard compact fluorescent lamp. My daughter's flat has ceiling lamp fittings that only take these bulbs, so I had to bite the bullet and buy a couple of them. I just hope they have a decent MTBF, otherwise the low running costs will prove to be insignificant compared with the replacement costs when they fail! On the plus side, they seem to be well made and they seem to provide full brightness immediately on switch-on.

1 / stars

I bought 11 of these in November 2014 for my kitchen. With minimal use only 3 of these lights remain working!!!. I believe the the problem with these lamps is that they run far too hot and the delicate electronics which are situated directly on top of the lamp are overheating and burning out. At the rate which these things are going, I would be better off with candles. really disappointed with these. 1 star is too generous