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24V LED Drivers

A 24v LED driver is a driver that regulates 24v LED bulbs. It ensures that bulbs in a 24v LED circuit do not exceed there required current and stop working or get damaged, but also makes sure that bulbs get enough power to remain at the desired brightness. Browse our range of 24v led power supplys and drivers, in a selection of finishes, brands and IP ratings, so you can be certain to find the right driver for you. Our drivers being available in various IP ratings enables them to be used in both domestic and industrial settings.

Can I run a 24v led on 12v?

Running 24v LED lighting on a 12v LED driver will cause your bulbs to be dimmer than they should be. This is because the bulbs will only be getting 12 volts of direct current opposed to the 24v they require to be at the expected and required brightness. If you want your bulbs to be the brightest they can be and to be able to be safety used without worry then we recommend using the correct voltage driver. If you have any questions regarding what driver you need for the LED system you have then please get in contact with us on 01473 716418 or via the form on our website.

What is the difference between 12v and 24v drivers?

The difference between 12v and 24v LED drivers is that they regulate two different currents. A LED driver takes a mains voltage (220-240 AC) and converts it to a lower direct current (DC). A 12v LED driver will keep bulbs working if they are 12v rated, not allowing the bulbs to be damaged by to much power but ensuring they have enough power to maintain full brightness. A 24v LED driver does the same but instead is used for a 24v LED system, converting mains voltage to 24v DC. 

Is 12v better than 24v?

Neither 12v or 24v LED driver are better than the other, they perform the best when they are put in the correct environment and checked appropriately by an electrician. If you have a 12v system then a 12v LED driver is best and the same for the 24v system and a 24v LED driver.