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5 Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Office Right Now

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many office workers have now been forced to work from home, which is great in some ways; you avoid a long commute, save money on transport, and can wear whatever you like! However, being at home can also be an easy cause of distraction.

One way to ensure you stay productive and focused is to get the perfect work-from-home setup. Lighting is one factor that plays a crucial role in helping you stay motivated. In this article, we will give you five lighting ideas to optimise your workstation to boost productivity.

Photo by Remy_Loz / Unsplash

Statement Desk Lamp

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your office space is to purchase a statement desk lamp. These are a great option as they can provide targeted lighting to easily illuminate what you are focusing on while injecting some personality into your workstation. While a great supplementary lighting idea, we recommend using a desk lamp in combination with other lights.

Wall Lighting

If you are short of desk space or have a smaller home, another great idea is wall lighting. You can buy lamps that attach to the wall your desk sits on that can then be positioned to target your work focus. Alternatively, install a fixed wall lamp to give a more subtle illumination while keeping your mind active.

Fairy Lights

If you already have a bright office space that feels cool or hard, adding ambient lighting can create a more comfortable environment. Fairy lights are a great way to do this, and you can position them wherever you like; on the wall, along the desk edge, or even in a glass vase to create a warming lamp. Many are battery-operated, so if you are short of plug sockets near your desk, fairy lights can be an ideal solution.

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Photo by Domenico Loia / Unsplash

Task Lighting

Task lighting is where a light source is directed to the area you need to work, usually fixed above a desk. An effective solution is to mount a shelf on the wall over your desk and install lights on the underneath. This not only angles light towards where you need it the most but also provides a convenient surface to store other office essentials.

A beautyshot of my old 2012 Macbook Pro on a cheap ikea desk, cheap ikea lamp and cheap ikea plants and pots, in my college apartement.
Photo by [Daan Stevens] / Unsplash

Natural Light

In addition to these artificial light sources, the best lighting to work and stay motivated in is natural lighting. Ideally, you should have your desk near a window so that sunlight can flood in. However, if this is not possible, you can purchase dimmable LED bulbs than can be adjusted at different times throughout the day to mimic the light colours outside and enhance productivity.

Created by Gary Baker on 5th January, 2021


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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