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5 Trending Lighting Ideas for Small Bars

The rise of the micropub in Britain is one that has coincided with the decline of larger bars. The first micropub was introduced in Kent in 2005 and since then they have been opening at an average of 80 new outlets per week. With lower costs than bigger and more traditional pubs and boutique appeal, it’s easier for micro bars to succeed. Because they don’t usually belong to a large chain, micro bars tend to be creative with their interiors, making them a hot bed for cool new trends.
Lighting plays an important part in the creation of atmosphere and can be used to change perceptions about space- making these micro bars a great source of design inspiration. So whether you are planning on opening a micropub or transforming a full corner of your home or workplace, the hospitality industry is brimming with creative ideas for trendy lighting and illumination. Here are some of our current favourites…

Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting is currently massively on trend in interior design circles. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes and always look fantastic. The pendant design provides an excellent amount of light which can be focused directly on the bar or other feature. This gives fantastic light for cocktail making, measuring spirits and pouring pints.

Coloured Wall Lighting
This bar built in someone’s garden shed uses coloured lighting to illuminate the white walls, creating a sleek futuristic look. The use of under bar lighting and illuminating spirits bottles on the back shelves adds to the overall cool nature of the space and provides plenty of light to make all the drinks you could want.

Why not use your lighting choice to create a feature your guests will discuss? This stunning antler chandelier takes normal candle bulbs but is the perfect addition to any man cave or bar. Natural materials are also well and truly on trend so a quirky touch like this ticks lots of style boxes. The great news is a statement chandelier can be used in a bar or pub or, adapted for a hallway or other larger space in the home to really make an impact.

Industrial Style Lighting
For a while now industrial looks have been exceptionally popular and this love of all things raw doesn’t seem to be doing anywhere soon. It was inevitable that the industrial trend would run over into lighting choices but as this bar shows, it’s super effective if you’re looking to create a contemporary space. This example uses standard bulbs in a custom metal fitting and allows plenty of light for both guests and bar staff.

Multi-Level Hanging Bulbs
This brilliantly designed bar has a long line of hanging bulbs all set at different levels. The number of bulbs creates a very bright atmosphere but the different height of bulbs means that interesting patterns and shadows are created. A smaller version of this could work well over a large dining table.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 15th March, 2016


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct