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50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version

50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version
50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version
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50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version
4 stars, 7 customer reviews
This item was discontinued on 24th October, 2019 and is no longer available.

Product Summary

Beam Angle
36 Degrees
Cap/Base Type
2 Pin
Colour Temp
2700 K
50 mm
55 mm
Light Bulb Type
Light Colour
Warm White (830)
Leading Brand
Light Bulb
220-240 Volt
50 W

50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version

from Leading Brand (Model: GU10/50/36/5000)
50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version, the ideal downlighting solution for many domestic, retail and commercial applications. This mains voltage halogen reflector lamp is a high intensity light source that emits a crisp bright white light. This lamp offers superior colour reproduction and saves up to 30% in energy usage compared to a normal halogen GU10.

Technical Specifications

for 50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version

Dimming? Dimmable
Beam Angle 36 Degrees
Cap/Base GU10
Light Colour Warm White (830)
Colour Temp 2700 K
Diameter 50 mm
Light Bulb Type Reflectors/Spotlights
Length 55 mm
Manufacturer Leading Brand
Wattage 50 W
Cap/Base Type 2 Pin
Type Light Bulb
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life 5000 hrs
Voltage 220-240 Volt
Technology Halogen

Product Barcodes

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Part Codes

of alternative stock identifiers
GU10 50W XENON E046
gu1050 watt 5000
KXN 50 MR16 GU10 830

Product Components

of 50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Lumens do I need to replace a halogen GU10?

Lumens is a universal measurement of how bright a light is. The higher the Lumen number the brighter the light. Wattage has historically been the way of measuring light output for incandecent and halogen bulbs, so as long as you replaced your 50 W ...

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What are dichronic light bulbs and how can I tell them apart from an ordinary lamp?

A halogen dichroic light bulb has a reflector that emits the light from the back of the lamp. Used in the wrong downlighter they could cause overheating. You can tell them apart from a ordinary lamp by shining a light at the back of one, if it's ...

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Difference between GU4 & GZ4 and GU10 & GZ10?

The codes for "G Style Cap" light bulbs can seem confusing, the chart below should help to clearly show the differences in the four most popular types (GU4, GZ4, GU10 and GZ10). In order to work out the difference you need to break the code ...

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Customer Reviews

for 50 Watt Halogen GU10 Par16 (36 degree Beam) 5000 Hour Version

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By (United Kingdom), 11th May, 2018
They fitted and worked and i couldn't get them locally

By (United Kingdom), 18th August, 2015
Order received quickly and well packed. I have used these bulbs before but doubt that they last the full claimed 5000 hours. Having said that I am satisfied with them as they appear to out perform similar bulbs that I can purchase locally.

By (United Kingdom), 15th May, 2014
excellent product and service

By (United Kingdom), 24th February, 2014
I was supplied with Osman Halopar 16 lamps. I was quite shocked to notice on the tiny technical information panel on the box of the product that these are rated at an average life of 2000 hours, not the 5000 which is claimed in BLT\'s product description. I didn\'t want to leave a negative review but I have asked BLT for an explanation and they have not given one, nor any apology, just saying \"return the product\". Of course I can return them but you don\'t expect to be supplied with inferior product in this way.

By (United Kingdom), 8th October, 2013
Product as described and delivered promptly. Many thanks.

By (United Kingdom), 29th October, 2012
I would love to refview this product but the reason for not being able to do so will be found under your Return Reference 18420. I assumed, as you had refunded my account rather than sending the correct bulbs, that you no longer had this product. I was disappointed as I had been very pleased with it in the past and would be pleased to purchase them again.

By (United Kingdom), 11th May, 2011
Arrived well packaged and promptly. They give a good light and if they last 5000 hours as promised will be a great improvement on other products I have had in the past.

7 Reviews

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