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5ft LED Battens

At BLT Direct, we can’t wait to assist you if you’re ready to purchase high-quality 5ft LED battens. Our LED battens are much cheaper to run than traditional fluorescent battens and will last for much longer. Brighten up your space in style with 5ft LED battens from some of the market’s most reputable manufacturers. What’s more is that we offer some of the most competitive prices for LED lighting products around, with no compromises on quality. Read on to find out more about why 5ft LED battens may be the best match for your needs.

How bright is an LED batten?

There is no fixed brightness found in 5ft LED Battens, the brightness of an LED batten is determined by the lumen output. This can be found when looking at the technical specifications of a product. However, LED Battens are able to match and exceed the lumen output of traditional fluorescent tube lighting, so if you’re looking to replace your old tube fixture, you will have no problem finding the same or greater brightness in an LED batten at a fraction of the power.

Do LED battens need a starter?

No, unlike most fluorescent tube lighting, LED battens do not require a starter. The reason fluorescent tube lighting requires a starter is to provide an ignition voltage to excite the mercury vapour along with the inert gas. A short-wave ultraviolet light is then produced by the excited mercury vapour, causing a phosphor coating to fluoresce and give the light we see in fluorescent tube lighting.

LED battens are not powered in the same way, instead, they are powered by an LED driver which converts an alternating current to a direct current. The purpose of the LED Driver is to ensure the power supplied is constant and uninterrupted. This is accomplished by compensating for fluctuations in temperature and electrical conductivity, with the goal to prevent degraded performance.