64mm Diameter GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs

The PAR20 Halogen GU10 is a high intensity light source that offers exceptional colour rendering and a crisp bright light output. This Hi Spot PAR20 lamp has a diameter of 64mm and a 2 pin twist and lock cap for easy installation. This is a mains voltage aluminium reflector lamp that does not require a transformer. Featuring an average lamp life of 2500 hours, more than twice that of an incandescent bulb, these lamps are rated at 50w or 75 watts and have a Warm White 2900k colour temperature.

64mm Diameter GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

GU10 halogen bulbs are a very popular light bulb likely to be found in the majority of homes across the UK. This lamp is suitable for a wide range of general and spotlighting applications in domestic, retail, and commercial environments. Furthermore this economical bulb is fully dimmable, adding to its versatility as a lighting solution. This light source is not as energy efficient as an LED GU10, but that is not to detract from its benefits; excellent light output, low cost, reliable and robust.