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How to Choose LED Batten Lights For Your Installation

Fri 19th Mar 2021

There are some technical specifics that are important to take into account, such as an IP65 rating if planning to install outdoors, for example. But here are a few of the more basic considerations that you’ll need to make when choosing a new LED batten

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How Has the Batten Evolved Over the Last 10 Years?

Wed 17th Mar 2021

The earliest battens to become available in the UK were created with fluorescent lamps. These lamps relied on mercury vapour to produce an ultraviolet light that generated a visible glow.

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Is it Time to Switch From Halogen GU10 Lamps to LED GU10 Lamps?

Mon 15th Mar 2021

LED GU10 bulbs for spotlights, downlighters, and recessed fittings are now widely available. But is it time to make the switch from older halogens or CFLs? That’s something that only you can decide

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Introducing Our Range of Weatherproof LED Battens

Wed 10th Mar 2021

While batten luminaires are frequently found indoors and have been manufactured to IP20 criteria for indoor use. For outdoor applications the IP65 version is required.

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