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ACE Recommends Government Plan For Electrical Efficiency

The Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) has encouraged the government to take more of a stand on the subject of energy-saving. The organisation represents some of Britain\s leading industrial names, including E.ON, Honeywell and Carillion, and have taken the step of writing to the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, in order to express their concerns that the UK\s electricity bills are not being tackled in the way that they should. The letter urges the government to \aim higher\ and use their upcoming enery bill in order to initiate huge change in the UK\s overall energy efficiency levels.

The bill as it currently stands allots £1bn to energy companies to distribute in whatever way they believe might decrease energy consumption or increase efficiency. This could be something as large as building an energy-efficient power plant, or something as basic as fitting all workplaces and headquarters with energy-saving lighting solutions. However, research provided by ACE, Green Alliance and WWF has shown that this kind of investment is a mere drop in the ocean; a similar amount allocated in the US only saw 3% of the total funds being distributed in an effective way. Wth this amount, the organisations were only likely to reduce energy demand by 10% each year. It is believed this figure should be much higher, with the government aiming to put \green\ issues at the very top of their agenda.

Investment in the energy infrastructure is not the only way in which people, from households to headquarters, can contribute to the energy-efficiency levels within the UK. Business owners can take steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their own organisation by kitting out their workplace with energy-saving light bulbs, and those within the home can choose similar options, with environmentally-friendly LED light bulbs also touted as great ways to cut down on emissions for everyone in the country.

Replacing one energy-guzzling halogen light bulb with a standard 4.5-watt LED light bulb can have potential electricity savings of up to £145.80 over the course of the bulb\s considerably lengthy life span. This makes bulb replacement one of the most attractive and easy ways in which everyone can contribute to reducing carbon footprints and electrical demand. The bulbs use far less electricity than older models, and not only do they offer savings for electricity bills on a domestic scale, they will also be helping the country out on a national scale, whether the government follow ACE\s recommendations or not.

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Created by Steve Ellwood on 10th May, 2013


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

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