Aluminium Reflector 111mm IRC Halogen Light Bulbs

Replace a standard halogen 111mm Aluminium Reflector lamp with an IRC Halogen Lamp for energy savings of up to 30%. An infrared coating on the inside of the lamp reflects heat back onto the filament instead of outwards thereby increasing energy efficiency. Add to this the excellent 3,000 hour lamp life and superb colour rendition and you have a high quality light source.

Aluminium Reflector 111mm IRC Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

The IRC 111mm Aluminium Reflector lamp  is a very versatile light source that operates at 12 volts, emitting a brilliant crisp halogen light every time. The output of this lamp is 4 times brighter than a conventional incandescent, remaining constant throughout the entire life of the lamp. This very affordable light source is perfectly suited to accent, directional and display lighting in a host of domestic, retail and commercial applications. From retail lighting to museum and gallery lighting, restaurant lighting to office lighting this lamp will not let you down.