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Aluminium Reflector Halogen Light Bulbs

The Halogen Aluminium Reflector Light Bulb is a popular high intensity light source that offers exceptional colour rendering properties and constant luminosity throughout the life of the lamp. An aluminium coating on the back of the lamp creates a robust, reliable and high performance halogen light source, as the majority of the heat is radiated away from the back of the lamp (ideal for ceiling installations).These lamps are a low voltage light source operating at 6V, 12V or 24 Volts, depending on the lamp.

The aluminium reflector has a BC, SBC, G4 or G53 cap/base and comes in diameters ranging from 37mm through to 111mm.

Each lamp comes in a choice of wattages ranging from 15W to 100 Watts and beam angles from spot through to flood. The aluminium reflector lamp is a very popular light source commonly used for continuous lighting in stores, offices and reception areas, as well as for floodlighting, architectural lighting and mood lighting applications. Overall this lamp is a versatile, high quality light source that features energy and cost advantages over the incandescent light source.