American Airfield Lamps

Arange of Specialist American Airfield Lamps used at Airport Destinations across the United Staes of America.

Wattages; 45w, 60ws/fl, 120w, 150w, 200w and 300 watt.

American Airfield Lamps Continued

Caps; GZ9.5, Mogul End Prong and Screw Terminal. 

These Airfield Light Bulbs (depending on the lamp) are suitable for all Major Airfield Applications including, but not limited to; Runway, Taxiway, Runway Approach, Tarmac, Runway Touchdown, Runway Centerline, Elevated Runway Edge, Obstacle Lighting, Beacon Lighting, Portable Lights, Inpavement Lighting, PAPI Systems, Signs, Illuminated Signs and Number Plates.