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LED Filament Light Bulbs

If your looking for the classic design and effect of a traditional light bulb without the environment damaging and energy wasting side affects then these LED filament bulbs are perfect for you. With new LED technology, we are able to replicate the classic look of the filament bulb while keeping the power consumption to that of a normal LED, which is much lower than an incandescent bulb. These vintage light bulbs are perfect as a decorative piece and add character and interest to a room in both commercial and domestic settings. Browse a number of styles and shapes below.

Dimmable Bayonet Cap Cool White E27

What is the difference between LED and LED filament bulbs?

The biggest difference between LED light bulbs and LED filament bulbs is the design, with LED filament light bulbs designed to replicate the look of a traditional or 'Edison' bulb. Performance doesn't change across standard LED bulbs and LED filament lighting, both offering up to 90% energy consumption savings and dramatically reduced running and replacement costs when compared to old filament bulbs. LED filament bulbs are typically used in more decorative fixtures in comparison to standard LED lights which are for more practical uses. 

Are LED filament bulbs bright?

LED filament bulbs can be just as if not more bright than previously used incandescent light bulbs. Our range of LED filament light bulbs' lumen output spans from just 60 lumens all the way up to 1500 lumens giving you a wide range of brightness to choose from and making sure you get the perfect bulb for your situation. If you are looking for accent lighting or something more subtle then a lower lumen output is recommended, whereas if you require a centre piece for decorative lighting then a high lumen bulb would be more suited. 

Do LED filament bulbs get hot?

In short, no. While every bulb must generate some heat, LED light bulb are particularly good at dissipating the heat through a heat sink at the bottom of the bulb, keeping it cool and functional. This reduces energy consumption massively as the energy is used to generate light instead of heating a filament, making it more energy efficient and therefor lower cost to run. LED filament bulbs produce the least amount of heat in comparison to almost any light bulb as the diodes that provide light are more spaced out than even the standard LED bulb.