Audio/Video Cables

Introducing an extensive product range of Audio and Video Cables from BLT Direct, each an application specific cable that connects electrical equipment safely and reliably. As a general overview Phono Cables (composite cables) are used in in VCR's and Old Games Consoles whilst Scart Cables connect VCR's, DVD Players and Old Games Consoles to Televisions.

Audio/Video Cables Continued

HDMI Cables are often considered the best standard for conveying digital video/audio and support Dolby sound; Headphone Jacks are utilised in personal audio equipment (MP3 etc.), and Coaxial cables are used universally with RCA male plugs on each end to convey low level analogue audio signals. Printer and Network/Phone Cables are self-explanatory whilst S-Video cCables convey traditional analogue video data.

With the existence of so many audio and video products on the market today it can be confusing and baffling trying to source the correct cable. To this end we have categorised our range into Cable Types; within each section is a detailed list of products with full specifications including application. We stock cables of 0.6m up to 20m and beyond. So if you need a replacement or new cable for your PS4, Xbox 360, laptop or more we are sure to have the solution here.