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Aurora Constant Voltage Power Drivers

LED light sources are low voltage light sources that require a constant DC voltage or current to operate at the optimum level. This also protects them from line voltage fluctuations that may affect the consistency and performance of LED light output. LEDs, therefore, require a device that can convert incoming AC power to the proper DC voltage, and regulate the current flowing through the LED during operation. This category details 12V, 24 Volts and Premium Constant Voltage Drivers manufactured by Aurora.


Each Driver has a nominal wattage that must not be exceeded in order to operate effectively. For constant current LED lamps or luminaires it is necessary to wire the circuit in parallel in order for the voltage to remain constant. Individual models boast specific features, but common to each unit is overload protection; short-circuit protection and thermal protection plus EMC compliance and safety compliance. The beauty of LED Drivers is their ability to supply the same amount of current irrespective of the number of lamps connected to it; please note it is important not to overload any LED Driver above its maximum load.