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Aurora 24 Volt LED Tape

Low Voltage LED Strip Lighting from Aurora gives you the opportunity to create stunning light displays and functional lighting simply and effectively. This section details the 24 Volt LED strip lighting range; each product requires a 24V DC Constant Voltage Driver to operate efficiently and safely. Containing 60 or 120 LEDs per metre this range always emits crisp bright LED light that is super energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.


We stock Aurora branded LED strips in a choice of colour temperatures from warm to cool white, blue and the increasingly popular RGB colour changing version. Also IP68 Rated LED strips, perfect for applications exposed to the elements or on boats for example. LED strip lighting has added a new dimension to the versatility of the LED as a light source. LED strip lighting is no longer just a fantastic decorative lighting solution; it is now a viable choice for many functional interior and exterior applications such as signage, marine lighting, flood marking, edge lighting and bathroom lighting. Other applications include furniture, shelf and counter top illumination plus bar,
club and event accent lighting.