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Aurora Cabinet & Bathroom

Aurora Lighting is one of the leading global manufacturers of light bulbs, light fittings, power supplies and accessories. Each product is designed, developed and manufactured with precision resulting in targeted lighting products of excellent quality to match any environment. This section is dedicated to Cabinet and Bathroom lamps, light fittings and fixtures and accessories. As a group Aurora specialises in energy efficient lighting solution, so most of the products offered here are extremely energy and cost effective LED lamps and light fittings lasting up to 40,000 hours. However you will find fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent lamps and fixtures also, both of which although not as energy saving as LEDs still offer advantages over conventional incandescent and halogen light sources.

Cabinet lights is an umbrella term for a light source or fitting that can be installed under, over, or in cabinets, pelmets and shelves for general, decorative, display or accent lighting. These take the form of linear lamps or downlights in various shapes and styles, so you can let your creativity add a personal touch to any application. We stock mains voltage lights, mirror lights and accessories for bathroom applications that can also be used as bar lights for example.