Aurora Drive Over Lights

Aurora Lighting, a name synonymous with superior lighting products manufactured to the highest standards, has developed a range of highly energy efficient recessed LED ground lights. Within this range is a choice of aesthetically delightful, simple yet distinctive Drive Over Recessed LED Ground Lights constructed of fine grade stainless steel. In a choice of round or square each fixture is lit by 36 non-replaceable LEDs to create the brightest of LED light to illuminate driveways and pathways.

Aurora Drive Over Lights Continued

LED lighting is the most energy efficient light source on the market and these lights will last an amazing 30,000 hours and save up to 90% on energy consumption and costs compared to a conventional light source.

Aurora IP67 rated drive-over lights feature toughened glass that can withstand 1500kg at 30km/h. Available in a choice of wattages from 3.1W to 7.1 Watts you have the choice of a crisp bright white LED light or a distinctive blue. These lamps are ideal for inaccessible locations as well as driveways as they are a no-maintenance light source that performs every time. Each fixture is fitted with 0.5m of rubber cable, has an integrated LED driver and must be installed with the mounting sleeve supplied