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Aurora LED Flat Panels

Each product from Aurora Lighting is created, designed and developed using the latest technological advances, then manufactured using high grade materials. To this end Aurora are constantly introducing new light fixtures, lamps and associated products on to the market. The LED Flat Panel is a case in point. The LED flat panel is a slim line edge-lit LED panel that is a highly rated T5 retrofit for brighter commercial and office lighting applications.

Featuring optimal polycarbonate for optimal light distribution the quality of light emitted is perfect for office environments aiding well-being and performance of employees.

These LED Flat Panels a choice of sizes; small (498 x 498mm), medium (595 x 595mm) and rectangle (1195 x 295/595mm) in 40, 45, 50 and 70 Watts with Warm White or Cool White colour temperatures. The benefits of LED technology play their part as this light source not only emits constant, crisp LED light but offers substantial energy savings and an impressive lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, thereby minimising maintenance and lamp replacement costs. This panels detailed below are surface mounted and include 1-10V dimmable panels and emergency lighting panels.