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Bathroom Downlights

Needing a new look for your bathroom? One of the most popular choices of lighting to upgrade your bathroom is downlights. Downlights provide all the high quality light you need without taking up valuable space in your bathroom. These lights are recessed into the ceiling, giving a smooth, flush look to your bathroom, with no awkward fixtures or bulbs sticking out. BLT Direct stock a number of downlights, with different finishes, colour temperatures and IP ratings available, so you can e sure to find something appropriate no matter the size, shape or design of your bathroom.

Do I Need A Special Downlight For Bathrooms?

You do not need 'special' downlights specifically for your bathroom, but there are certain factors you must take into account when lighting an area that has potential dangers to lighting, such as water. For areas directly over water such as above a bath or shower then all light fittings must be rated IP65, whereas the surrounding areas will require light fixtures with an IP rating of IP44. Here at BLT Direct we stock products for every environment so you are sure to find suitable downlights in both of these protection ratings. 

What Are The Best Downlights For A Bathroom?

We stock a large number of downlights appropriate for bathrooms so we are certain you can find one that's best for you. If your trying to create an inviting Warm white ambience or you prefer a clinical functional bathroom we are able to accommodate your requests. All of our products are sourced by the best and most reliable manufacturers across the world, so you can have confidence in the quality of our downlights. 

Where Should Downlights Be Placed In A Bathroom?

Downlights can be placed anywhere in a bathroom, provided the IP rating is suitable for where they are located. For anything directly above or near water then IP65 rated downlights are required, and an IP rating of IP44 is recommended for the surrounding areas. In terms of keeping the lighting even across the room, the general rule is one downlight per 1m², and placing them at least half a metre away from any walls to avoid shadowing and reducing the perceived space in your bathroom. 

Can 240v Downlights Be Used In A Bathroom?

240v downlights can be used in bathrooms provided they have the correct IP ratings for the area they are in as per the regulations. Bathroom downlights are recessed into the ceiling, which means they are very unlikely to come into contact with any water, making them safe to keep at mains voltage.  We do also stock low voltage downlights if you prefer a low voltage alternative for your bathroom.