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Bayonet Cap Daylight Bulbs

Bayonet cap light bulbs are some of the most commonly found light bulbs in UK homes and businesses and are used in several applications. With a plethora of bulb shapes available, you can use daylight bulbs anywhere, provided you have a fitting that utilises a bayonet cap bulb. Our impressive range of bulbs spans across golf balls, globes, GLS, and candles in a vast number of wattages and brands. We have LED and energy-saving daylight bulbs available that offer massive savings on your energy bill and are environmentally friendly, making them some of the most popular bulbs on the market.

What is a B22 cap?

A B22 base is a variant of a bayonet cap base that has a diameter of 22mm. B22 is the most widely used bayonet cap and is the base for several bulb shapes and styles including, globes, candles, GLS bulbs, and more. B22 bulbs are also known as BC bulbs because if a bayonet cap bulb doesn't specify a diameter, then it is assumed to be 22mm. BLT Direct also stock small bayonet cap bulbs with a diameter of 15mm, for smaller or more intricate fittings like chandeliers and decorative lights.