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Bayonet LED Candle Bulbs

Bayonet cap LED candle bulbs are some of the most popular LED candle bulbs on the market and we are happy to say we now stock a wide range that you can browse below. Bayonet cap LED candle bulbs are easy to install, low cost and provide a brilliant bright light. Designed specifically for bayonet cap fittings or lamp holders, our BC LED candles can be used in a multitude of different applications such as decorative fixtures, or lamps where a larger bulb cannot be used. We also offer small bayonet cap bulbs for the most intricate lighting situations, these can be found on our website.

Can you get LED bayonet bulbs?

LED bayonet cap light bulbs are some of the most commonly found bulbs both domestically and commercially. This is because of the ease of installation, BC candle bulbs are simply just a push and twist to fit, meaning you don't need to be a DIY expert to have exceptional lighting. Our bayonet cap LED candles come in both standard B22 size and also small bayonet cap (SBC) so you can be sure that you can find the right bulb for you. 

Are screw in bulbs better than bayonet?

Screw in bulbs are just as popular as bayonet cap bulbs and can also be found just as often. With both types of bases for LED bulbs being easy to install, there isn't a definitive type that is 'better than the other'. Depending on what fitting you have, you will need either Edison screw or Bayonet cap bases for your LED candles so it is best to check first before you purchase. If you have any confusion about what type of cap fitting is best for your then please get in contact with us on  01473 716418 or via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.