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Bell Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Introducing a comprehensive range of replacement Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs from Bell Lighting, a renowned British manufacturer of light bulbs for over 80 years. Each lamp detailed within this catalogue of lamps is designed as an energy efficient alternative to conventional incandescent lamps.

Using 60% less energy and lasting up to 15 times longer these lamps are not just energy saving but very cost effective too. In addition, the CFL offers higher efficacy, excellent colour rendering, low mercury content and produce less heat than an incandescent, and are, in many cases, is dimmable.

The Bell Lighting CFL range offers a host of 2 and 4 pin lamps in a variety of wattages, lengths and colour temperatures through the White spectrum to Daylight. We have categorised this range according to lamp type, each section listing all products available with detailed individual specifications. These compact fluorescents are a versatile lighting solution suitable for a wide range of domestic to professional applications.