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Bell LED Striplights Arrive at BLT Direct

After consecutive weeks of adding top brand after top brand to their website, BLT Direct are continuing to cement their status as the most varied and comprehensive light bulb retailer online, with the introduction of two new Bell LED striplights.

Striplights have a wide variety of uses within homes and businesses, whether they are used to provide illumination in domestic kitchens or boost the amount of light in an office capacity. These brand new Bell LED striplights are perfect for reducing the amount of electricity used in these applications, whilst still providing aesthetically pleasing, high-quality light.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct, says, \We are thrilled to have launched the new Bell striplights, which make a great addition to our existing range of LEDs. Striplights are incredibly popular with a number of our clients, whether they\re buying in bulk to kit out a new workspace, or they\re giving their home a little lighting pizzazz. These striplights boast incredibly low energy consumption credentials, meaning that our clients can install them in their homes without fear of sky-high electricity bills, and the fact that they\re LEDs means there is absolutely no compromise on the lighting quality - it is the best of the best.

The striplights come in two forms - a 2.5-watt version and a 4-watt version, which are the equivalent of a 30-watt bulb and a 60-watt bulb respectively. The attractive warm white colour temperature makes them perfect for use in areas where family members or staff will be frequently present, and the energy-saving statistics are great news for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their bills. Energy savings can be up to 90% with the very latest LED technology, and these striplights will save people approximately £66.00 on their electricity bills over the course of their lifespan (which is a considerable 20,000 hours).

With brands like Duracell and Varilight coming to BLT Direct in recent months, the addition of these Bell lights is just another reason for clients, both domestic and commercial, to be turning to the lighting supplier. Their extensive range covers everything from the traditional LEDs and CFLs to more niche lighting solutions like fire exit signs and ultraviolet tubes. The new additions to the store in recent weeks is an indication of just how much BLT Direct have to offer their clients searching for low-energy, low-cost lighting solutions.

Created by Rebecca Appleton on 1st April, 2014


Rebecca Appleton

Rebecca Appleton

Qualified online journalist, specialising in the home improvements and energy saving sectors