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Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tubes

A range of Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tubes: a specialist light source commonly used to create dramatic light effects in bars, nightclubs, for stage lighting and at music festivals. These lamps are also used in industrial and medical testing applications, fraudulent bank note detection, tracing work and insect-o-cutor unit illumination.

These replacement Blacklight Blue fluorescent tubes are an energy efficient light source for use in existing T5 and T8 fixtures. Using 60% less energy than a conventional lamp they last an impressive 10,000 hours which minimises lamp replacement and maintenance costs. Furthermore lamp efficacy and colour rendering are rated as good with these lamps. These double ended tubular lamps come as a T5 (15mm diameter) and a T8 (25mm diameter) tube in ratings of 4 Watts to 58 Watts. We stock these replacement lamps in lengths ranging from 150mm to 1500mm.