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Replacement Fly Killer Tubes & Lamps

If you are searching for a replacement Blacklight Fluorescent Tube then you have come to the right place. This section is dedicated to our complete and comprehensive range of this lamp type, all in one section for you convenience. We stock T8 (25mm diameter), T5 (15mm diameter) and T12 (38mm diameter) standard linear tubes, Circular T9 (29mm diameter) versions as well as U-Tube and Compact Fluorescent blacklight lamps. The wattage range of this group of Blacklight tubes starts at 4 Watts and increases to 140 Watts.

The Blacklight Fluorescent varies from a standard fluorescent by radiating most of its energy in the near Ultra-Violet region, peaking at 350 nanometres, which results in the unique colour emitted from this lamp. As with all fluorescent lamps the blacklight version is an energy saving light source which offers savings of 60% compared to a conventional lamp and lasts an impressive 10,000 hours. Please note this is a range of replacement blacklight tubes for existing fittings. As a specialist light source this lamp is only for use in appropriate fixtures, primarily insect-o-cutor units, although other uses includes industrial processing and special effect lighting applications.