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BLT Direct Helps Brits Get Winter Ready with Flood Light Buyers Guide

With winter daylight hours gradually diminishing, expert lighting retailer BLT Direct is urging home and business owners to ensure outdoor spaces are adequately lit. The leading lighting solutions business is helping the UK stay illuminated all winter long with an insider"s guide to choosing the right flood light.

"With the nights gradually drawing in now is the optimal time for home and business owners to start thinking about lighting up their properties. There are a huge range of options out there so to make the process as easy as possible we've put together our insider's guide to choose the right flood light for certain properties" says Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct.

For small patios found in the likes of London apartments, suburban terrace homes and government housing flats, standard 70W halogen bulbs are ideal. The compact but mighty solutions are capable of illuminating spaces measuring up to 9m². For larger spaces of up to 25m² upgrading to 120W bulbs will ensure ample radiance while spaces measuring in at over 100m² should be fitted out with ultra-luminous 250W models.

Home and business owners wanting to illuminate back gardens, terraces and courtyards of up to 50m² should opt for 120W standard halogen solutions. For those with the luxury of space, 250W bulbs offer additional range for medium to larger sized gardens of up to 200m². Those keen to show off the exteriors of their properties should opt for weather proof 120W bulbs. The brilliant glow is ideal for lighting up building facades of all shapes and sizes.

Dark driveways can be extremely dangerous, particularly during the winter months when daylight hours are scarce. BLT is calling on all Brits to be responsible about driveway safety this winter by installing 120W, auto sensor flood lights.

For those wanting to boost security during the dark winter period Photocell Sensor Day/Night LED Flood Lights will keep homes and businesses lit up long after business hours are over. Plus, the energy efficient technology offers lamp life of up to 30,000 hours and energy consumption savings of up to 80%.

Bright and brash, 400W to 500W bulbs are the lighting solution of choice for car park managers wanting to keep premises safe and well-lit during the dark winter months. The same wattages are also recommended for industrial loading bays where irradiated light is an absolute must for health and safety purposes.

**Application****Equivalent (standard halogen) Wattage**
Small patio (9m²)70W
Back Yard Of House70W
Small Garden (50m²)120W
Driveway (10m)120W
Medium Patio (25m²)120W
Building Façade120W
Medium Garden (200m²)250W
Large Patio (100m²)250W
Car Park400 to 500W
Industrial Loading Bay400 to 500W

In the lead up to winter BLT Direct has refurbished its LED floodlight range and improved pricing across the inventory. Now, the range features sodium, metal halide and halogen solutions in a variety of different models. This means customers now enjoy an even bigger choice, with lower prices across the board.

With Christmas on its way, the range of Coloured LED Flood Lights is a great way to bring a touch of seasonal sparkle to any space. From residential homes to bars, restaurants and retail stores, the stunning eco-friendly lights radiate colourful Christmas cheer.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 17th November, 2015


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct