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BLT Direct Make a Fantastic Addition to Energy Saving Range

BLT Direct has confirmed the addition of the Prolite Non-Dimmable LED GU10 to its line of Prolite energy saving solutions, providing an alternative to traditional halogen bulbs.

Designed to last for over 25,000 hours, users can save up to 80% of their energy consumption per bulb and reduce their carbon footprint simply by installing this cost and energy effective solution in place of an existing Halogen.

The new GU10 is ideal for energy conscious businesses and households looking for a simple solution.

At only 5 watts, the Prolite LED GU10 emits a warm white colour and is perfect for most lighting applications both in the home and in any commercial environment, including hotels and restaurants. The soft glow and stylish spotlight design creates a warm ambience but it couples form with function - BLT Direct estimates that one lamp can save customers around £135 across its lifespan.

LED GU10 Light
Bulbs In Modern Kitchen Environment.

With global warming and carbon footprints regularly at the forefront of people’s minds, BLT Direct wanted to give customers the opportunity to buy products that will save energy for their business or home. Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct said “This lamp is part of our Prolite Energy Saving collection. As a company, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and we want our customers to be able to do the same. This innovative lamp is a brilliant addition to the line, not only does it save energy, it’s also a long term cost effective solution for buildings big or small.”

By purchasing the LED GU10, consumers are making a conscious effort to reduce the cost of energy for their business or household, as well as protect the environment. Customers should not be put off by the lamp’s low wattage either, as each bulb still has the power to light up a room, just like its halogen counterparts.
“The lamp is ideal for use in a range of settings, as it doesn’t give off a harsh light like other variants of bulbs, it’s also ideal for use in retail settings and restaurants. LED is a fantastic alternative to halogen and will not have any negative effect on the overall lighting of a room.”

Compared to standard halogen bulbs, the LED GU10 also lasts several years longer, so consumers will not have to worry about constantly replacing bulbs that are heavily used.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 1st October, 2015


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct