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BLT Directs Duracell Batteries Provide the Perfect Long-Haul Battery Back-Up When The Power Goes Out

Leading lighting supplier BLT Direct has continued to expand its comprehensive range of Duracell batteries on its online shop, to ensure that every-day lighting dilemmas and power shortages will be a thing of the past. The powerhouse batteries from the big-name brand are a prime example of the dedication BLT Direct has to providing the highest quality to clients, at the lowest prices.

Compatible with every battery operated device, including torches, portable lamps and camping lanterns, the Duracell batteries help families entertain themselves during blackouts and enable outdoor excursions operate more smoothly and safely. Buyers can now solve all of their electronic requirements in one go, buying their batteries alongside their bulbs for time saving convenience.

Duracell batteries are a highly efficient way to drive down bills whilst enjoying illuminating, enduring, high powered light. Popular AA and AAA batteries are all available online from BLT Direct, with AA batteries costing just £2.05 for a pack of 4. Those who favour long-lasting rechargeable batteries will only need to spend £5.42 to ensure they have access to a reliable and consistent portable power solution. As well as these firm favourites, BLT also stock specialist batteries such as Plus Power, Ultra Power and Procell designed to be used in conjunction with hearing aids and security cameras.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct, said, “We’ve all had that experience of the lights going out at just the wrong time – whether it’s a power cut in your area or an impending camping trip, we all like to be prepared with it comes to portable lighting solutions. Duracell batteries are renowned for their efficiency and their endurance. They really do run and run, and the rechargeable option means that even if your batteries do reach the end of their life, you can quickly get them up and running again.”

As well as practical essentials such as torches and cameras, the batteries can also be used in conjunction with battery operated lanterns and toys to help houses hit by power cuts remain entertaining and secure for families. As young children become restless, bored and agitated during power cuts, the safe options help light the way from room to room and also promote play and quality time.

The Duracell collection also offers a selection of lithium and silver oxide batteries, perfect for various different electronic appliances around the home or business. Customers can stock up on the batteries while they shop for their regular lighting solutions, and by buying in bulk and keeping plenty of spares, they can guarantee high-quality, low-cost illumination, even if all other power fails them.

Created by Steve Ellwood on 16th September, 2014


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct