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Blue Deck Lights

Blue deck lights are a brilliant, colourful way to light up your garden or decking. With both blue LED deck lights and blue LED strip lights available, you have options for any type of garden space, regardless of size or shape. Blue deck lights offer vivid illumination designed to keep your deck safe to use at night and can be recessed into decking or deck steps for a stylish but practical look. Blue light is also the most popular light colour when lighting up plants or other garden foliage because it mimics the blue shine of the moon. Browse below our extensive range of blue deck lights and blue LED strip lights.

How long do blue deck lights last?

Blue deck lights have exceptional longevity, with some lasting up to 30,000 hours. Blue LED decking lights have integrated LEDs within the fitting, making them longer lasting than a bulb, which is more likely to break or fail. Any outdoor light fitting should be at least IP54 rated to ensure it is weatherproof and is fully functional all year round. Outdoor blue LED strip has an expected lamp life of around 30,000 hours and is IP65+ rated, making it a durable alternative to traditional recessed deck lights.

How do you install blue riser deck lights?

Riser deck lights, also known as decking step lights, are one of the most popular forms of decking lighting on the market. This is because it is common for decking to lead down onto a patio or other garden area, making step lights essential.  Riser deck lights ensure that your steps are safe and well lit during the night while maintaining a modern style. Decking step lights are installed the same as any other decking lights but on a vertical surface as opposed to a horizontal one. You must check the distance between your lights and the ones that may be on the top of the step to avoid over saturating your decking with light.