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BLV COLORITE Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Introducing the BLV Lighting range of Coloured Metal Halide Light Bulbs in Tubular, Capsule, Elliptical and Double Ended lamp types. These high efficiency light sources are available in a choice of orange, green, magenta, yellow and blue colours and feature excellent colour rendering and uniformity, high luminosity and a long life span. BLV Colorite lamps offer high colour saturation and intensity making them ideally suited to applications where colourful accent lighting is desired.

As with all metal halides these coloured lamps are very reliable, robust and long lasting. Typical applications include stage and theatre lighting, building facade and monument illumination, garden and amusement park light displays, museum and gallery accent lighting as well as event lighting. Lasting between 6,000 and 15,000 hours (dependant on model) these lamps are a low cost and efficient solution with a proven record of performance. Please note; it is important to check suitability for use in open or enclosed luminaires before installing these lamps.